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by Robert Cotter
Professional Golf Ball Engineer

If you are like most golfers, you may be looking for Golf Ball Reviews so you can maximize your distance and lower your scores.

The best golf ball for your game depends on several factors including your handicap, swing speed, and equipment specifications.


The reality is that the balls used by Rory Mcilroy, Brooks Koepka, Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, or Lexi Thompson will most likely not be your best choice for maximum distance, feel, and accuracy because they are designed for their unique characteristics and abilities.

As a patent award winning Golf Ball Engineer, I have made product recommendations for 100's of golfers over the past 22 years and am often asked the same questions by avid beginner and highly skilled golfers.

To answer these inquiries, I created this website to simplify the golf ball review and ratings process.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to find Your Best Golf Ball!

  1. First, you'll find a quick review of the various ball components including cores, covers, and dimples, and how they affect overall ball performance.
  2. Second, you'll determine what type of golfer you are and simplify the golf ball selection process by choosing the model that's right for your game.
  3. Finally, I'll show you some specific ball models and brands for your category so you can get started improving your game.

So let me ask you, "What are your golf goals?"

Let's asume you desire more distance, improved shot control, and lower scores. Great, you are in the right place!

There is a correct golf ball to help you accomplish this goal. Let's take a brief look at what types of balls are available and their various construction features...

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